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“Daniela’s work is both rich and bold while very unique. The colors are vibrant, exquisite tones that allow you to see the depth of the piece. Her artwork is full of movement with textures that are intricate and rich. When you look at one of her pieces you can’t help but feel the energy. Truly a collector’s artist. “

Jorge Perez CEO - The Related Group of Florida

"Daniela's work, I find wonderfully refreshing, often with intensity of color, complex when studied, yet delightfully enjoyable to those just seeing in passing. Her quite creative, interpretive "Bamboo Sculpture" located along the bay walk has been wonderfully received.

Stephen Owens - President, Swire Properties Inc.

"When we set out to revolutionize Miami's skyline with JADE, Daniela understood and shared our vision for the project. Her art fills the building with dynamic and positive energy. It perfectly complements the beauty and uniqueness of the architecture, as well as the incomparable waterfront backdrop. Daniela's passion made her an integral part of our team, just as she is a key player in Miami's thriving arts and cultural community."

Edgardo Defortuna - President, Fortune International

"Daniela Wicki's work has evolved in the last few years from passionate exuberance to a more subtle and thoughtful approach. In the past she almost always painted on canvas, whereas, now she is exploring a new range of mediums and materials. I think her new work is the best she has ever done. It is exciting and a delight to see her continually evolves while still retaining her passion."

Diane and Robert Moss

"It has truly been a pleasure to live with Daniela’s painting. Everyday, as we enter the room it brightens our mood. Her work is exciting and vibrant. It is wonderful to see her enthusiasm for life reflected in her art. Daniela brings a fresh eye to the canvas and as we see her recent pieces, we are enjoying how her work is evolving and growing."

Barbara & Stanley Schwartz

For more than 10 years Daniela Wicki has been making art embedded in the traditional concerns of Abstraction. Her marvelously idiosyncratic paintings are intriguing investigations of color, light and form. Full of energy and imagination, the works reveal the artist's subconscious feeling of abstract process and material surface.

Ms. Wicki uses color as an instrument in her discovery of essential patterns and structures. One sees in the paintings a relationship to the overwhelming forces of nature; the chaos of a churning ocean, the powerful colors of the sunset. We as viewers are offered a bridge between the actual world and the artistic world that is fresh, ambitious and intriguing.

Katherine Hinds - Curator The Margulies Collection

“DANIELA WICKI has produced a series of remarkable paintings. Exuberant and lush, they are full-bodied realizations of a sensibility derived from the New York School of the fifties, infused with the color of subtropical Miami, where she now works. Paint explodes outward from the center of Wicki’s canvases forming swirling skeins of highly saturated color. The energy of these Pollock-like gestures is tempered against pale washes and subtle stains, admittedly influenced by Frankenthaler.

My reaction to the work is swift and strong, like the paintings themselves. I can’t help but think that they are utterly romantic in both their abandon and in the sensitive choreography of sharp movements upon delicate fields. Small canvases cannot contain the great gestures that Wicki is so obviously comfortable with, so she paints big and bigger. A large-scale format works best for an abstract idiom that has no principle subject or compositional hierarchy and which ultimately achieves its impact from an exuberant interplay of intentional color and random pattern.

Daniela Wicki is an artist to watch closely. It is only a matter of time before both she and her paintings burst into prominence.”

Denise Gerson - Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL

“DANIELA WICKI has created a remarkable body of work. She has a natural instinctive understanding of the nature and needs of abstract painting and a talent to complement it. Consider the liveliness of “Helios” … with its vigorous contrasts of subtlety and action, the way the yellows seem to burn from the center and how the straight-edged elements and the pearly dollops conspire to push the violent swirls of darker paint into an illusionistic background. This is good painting, skillfully done and full of feeling, and, to my eye at least, way better than most of the paintings I have seen around Miami in the last 10 years …”

Darby Bannard - Internationally known artist and art critic

“Intuition is essential for good abstract painting. One must be able to follow one’s instincts about the picture even if they seem not to make sense. Creativity is a leap, letting go of our attachment to the result to focus the process. Creativity occurs when the mind is focused on the activity with confidence. The result of the activity is the quality of the mind itself ...

Daniela Wicki has as much of an intuitive understanding of this process as any artist I’ve worked with. Her enormous talent is evident in her most recent stain paintings. There is a weightless quality to these paintings, a seamless ness that is evidence of their goodness. Amorphous spaces are created as hot and cold colors jostle for position…

These are very strong abstract paintings. Daniela’s sensitivity to color and surface are the defining characteristics …”

George Bethea - Professor of Art, University of Miami



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